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Furniture make the primary objects which breathe life to an empty room. Be it home, office or others, shopping for furniture and home decors will be an exciting experience at AMP Furniture showroom. Our product range include all types of beds, sofas, diwan, chairs, dining sets and any other furniture type you wish, apart from custom-made furniture.


We manufacture all types of wooden furniture, including rub-wood and multi-wood. Our in-house made furniture offer great ergonomics and comfort. Also, we choose fine fabrics and materials which enhances the appeal of your decors.

We focus on both the utility and beauty of a furniture. At the same time it should perfectly align with the overall interior design theme of a room. Always visualize how the furniture will blend in your space. For this, keep in mind the space, position, utility and theme of your room. Being a complete interior and furniture company, AMP can assist you in choosing the perfect furniture for your space.

Our showroom is currently located at Ponkunnam in Kottayam District, Kerala. At our shop, you can buy furniture with hands-on experience. You can also browse our design catalog or even order a custom one.

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