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At AMP Interiors, we find passion and curiosity in creating designs that convert an ordinary space to a unique experience. We believe that Interior Designing is the art of blending the right elements at the right place to enhance the beauty and quality of life.

Our team of expert interior designers understand that the success of a great design lies in channeling the life forces smoothly, so that it improves the quality of your life. That is what makes us stand out. We strive to ensure that there is something unique in every designs we do.

Our design portfolio includes traditional, contemporary and trending styles which give you the freedom to choose. We handle all types of interior design and decoration works – Home interiors, modular kitchen, office and commercial interiors.

Residential Interiors

Your home is a place close to your heart, where you should feel comfortable and inspired. So we take special attention while designing each and every corner of your home to make sure that it suits you. We don’t push our concepts into your space, it is your tastes that is prioritized.

Commercial Interiors

Just like a home reflects your family’s personality, your office or work space represents your business’ values. Office or corporate spaces should exude enthusiasm and boost your team’s productivity. At the same time, it should instill a feel of confidence and comfort in your customers’ mind.

Hostpitality Interiors

Be it hotels, cafes or resorts, hospitality interiors are so important that it requires special care and attention. Our designs are in such a way that it uplifts the mood and friendliness of a space. Your guests should feel at home.

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How We Work

One of our designer meets you and learn about your space and your ideas in detail. We encourage you to share your dream about your place, be it home or office.

Based on that, we lay out a strategic plan about the whole project and its timeline. Then comes the design. We brainstorm ideas to come up with the best design which meets all your requirements, and take it one step further

Our 3D designs can even give you a true to life experience of how your space is going to look. With this, you will get complete clarity over what and how we are going to work in your space. And clarity leads to peace of mind.

Once you approve the design, we start executing the design. We handle all the hassles of arranging laborers and buying materials while you just relax and watch the process. You just move in once the project completes, while our support continues.



2D/3D Designing

Design Review

Cost Approval

Material Selection


Project Finishes

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